Everyone matters!

There is quote which says,”Some people come in your life as blessings, others come in your life as lessons”  

But I truly believe that “Whoever comes in your life is a blessing whether they never leave you or leave you a lesson”. Some people are truly genuine to you and would be sincere and  those are your actual well wishers and that’s totally a blessing. However, some people would put you through worst and while going through that you come to discover a better and stronger version of yourself. This is why you should be grateful to them for that certain experience which transformed your personality and made you who you weren’t but are now. Of course,it’s a blessing too. Therefore, instead of cursing them and giving them evils, be garetful to them. And  don’t hate!



Today’s thought 

Being strong is not about having no emotional break downs or not crying at the worst life puts you in, but it’s about pulling yourself together and getting up when you get knocked down.

Therefore, it’s okay to cry and let it out.

Big lad 

Being one of the few to share the same dream is beyond fascinating. The desired dream which is not what every teenager have because it’s not about having to live the luxurious and glamorous life. But it’s the dream of safety, peace and prosperity of the motherland. Where, my motherland has faced more dictator moments of it’s history along with terrorism and extremism. The most saddened and shattering phase of it’s life was in the era of mass terrorism. Where hearing about the bomb blasts did not seem to be enthusiastically heart-aching. Nevertheless, because it had pathetically became the part of everyday’s routine and felt as a permanent feature. It was wreaking a total havoc. The visions were perishing because of its vicious atmosphere.

The unstable and horrifying days were passing and it soon approached the end of 2013. The time when a man who had served 37 years of his life protecting the motherland by playing his part was now the front face of army. It was huge but to be honest it did not make any difference as the hopes were literally perished. But this time it was not one of the men whom we had being facing for decades. Those who were so self-oriented and the  public’s welfare or country’s interest did not matter to them. This man was the man of strong words and character; who willingly did the favourable acts for what people had being dragging their feet for years. Whether it was about launching an aggressive operation in the Northern Pakistan or setting the Sindh Rangers on the mission to clear out the most populated city of Pakistan. Without a nod from any political party for the purpose to diminish all the nasty factors behind the massive havoc. Which titled to be the successful moves and worked out commandably with the great dedication of rangers under his great leadership and reduced violence by 70%.

Not only that it’s the man who has set a bench mark by not taking over the government during the 126 days lasted Imrani dharna for the survival of a democratic government. Yet did not extend his tenure after being tremendously appreciated for his work. A great soul who portrayed the image of a real patriot. Whom you had seen getting involve in the public more than his family whether it was a religious festival or one of the national days. He always stood by in the time of need. The visions which seemed to have died were revived once again and that urges me to quote the saying of Warren Bennis “leadership is the capacity to translate vision into reality” and this man had the certain capacity. 

Not only nationally but he is been admired internationallyand even big powers like Russian Federation desired to have such a great man leading their army. Now knowing that he is not the front face of the great force anymore breaks me a little inside. But then rises the hope that his fellow colleague will follow his foot steps to preserve the stability and the prosperity of the country. 

His only command was to serve, nothing more or nothing less. Yes, it is the great man General Raheel Sharif. Who’ll be missed but always remembered. We owe him a lot.